VoIP telephony represents yet another step on the road to the centralization of the internet-connected PC in daily life. The logical destination of this road will see television service, telephone service, and internet service all centered in one all-encompassing device. Until that time comes, however, people seeking simplicity in their VoIP service often choose a VoIP gateway.

The simplest way to convert to internet telephony from traditional telephone service is to connect your telephone to an analog telephone adapter, or run your telephone through a VoIP-enabled PC. For more intricate set-ups, however, a VoIP gateway is generally the simplest option. A VoIP gateway is a broadband modem and router all in one.

Setting up a home network--which involves connecting several computers to the Internet and then connecting them all to your VoIP service--can seem a daunting task. It can be quite simple, however, with the right equipment. Whether your network is or Wi-Fi or Ethernet-based, your VoIP service provider should be able to help you with any essential tasks.

For businesses and for residential users with home networks, choosing a VoIP service provider that offers excellent customer service and technical support is crucial. You do not want to have to rely solely on a set of printed instructions if you are not a technically proficient individual. Having someone walk you through your network setup or through a troubleshooting session can be a great help.