Your choice for a VoIP carrier will depend largely on your needs and on what you hope to get from the service. There are so many providers now that the range of services available, and the way those services are provided, make VoIP telephony nearly irresistible. Whether for simple residential use or for more complex business applications, VoIP services are catching up to the traditional telecom industry.

VoIP carriers now are providing telephone service, dedicated VoIP phones, analog telephone adapters, IP PBX systems, and broadband networking equipment. They also offer most of the same features you would expect when considering traditional phone service, including caller ID, 3-way calling, call forwarding, and voice mail. Many carriers are also working on methods for making their systems compatible with the 911 emergency response system.

Some VoIP carriers offer only the bare minimum in internet telephony, allowing their customers to pay incredibly discounted rates. Others have chosen to provide more comprehensive services for businesses and residential customers that want to fully replace their traditional telephones. A few VoIP carriers even offer free service sponsored by advertising and marketing plans.

Since you have so many options, you should pick the service that provides everything you want in VoIP telephony. That way, you will not find yourself wishing you had better equipment or more customer support. Make sure to weigh not only price but services when choosing a VoIP carrier for your home or business.