Businesses can save incredible amounts of money by switching to internet phone service, but there are some pitfalls that they must be aware of. Business customers usually have more complex telephone systems than do residential customers, so installation and technical support become much more important. Poorly supported, business VoIP service can create more work for IT departments.

VoIP telephony took off in the residential market pretty quickly, but the business community was slow to embrace it. With recent advances in the quality of equipment and services, however, business VoIP service is ready to take off. Now it is possible to operate a full-featured IP PBX system without the need for technical expertise.

If your company works with a labyrinthine phone system, it is highly recommended that you choose a company that offers installation services. Such a company will also usually provide you with comprehensive technical support after installation. Even with the extra services, your business will still probably save substantial amounts of money on your telephone service.

Apart from complaints about poor call quality with the earliest internet phones, VoIP telephone service generally suffers from only one drawback--incompatibility with the 911 emergency response system. Though the proliferation of cell phones negated much of that worry, VoIP companies have worked hard to rectify this issue. While still not totally compatible, many VoIP providers have introduced methods for correctly routing 911 calls. If this is a concern of yours, ask potential providers about it.